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How to Teach a Student to Use an Accommodation

1. Establish the area of support:

  • What is the student’s area of need?

  • Is there data to support this need?

2. Establish type(s) of accommodation needed:

  • Task - Does the student need support with the task?
  • Content - Does the student need support with the content?
  • Material - Does the student need support with the material connected to the task and/or content?

3. Complete a task analysis:

  • Was the task broken down into manageable and logical pieces?

  • Does the task analysis follow a logical and necessary sequence to maximize the student’s success?

4. Demonstrate or provide completed models:

  • Was the student taught how to use the accommodation in various situations and were worked examples provided?

5. Guide the student with prompts as they are practicing a new skill:

  • Will the student benefit from verbal, written, or visual prompts?

6. Provide visual aids:

  • Will the student benefit from visual reminders or checklists? 

  • Will a visual aid support the student’s efforts to remember and follow the steps or processes of a task?

7. Use increasingly complex examples:

  • After learning how to use the accommodation, is the student applying the accommodation to more challenging tasks?

8. Phase out support:

  • What are appropriate ways to reduce the support? 

  • What is the plan to increase the student’s independence with the task?