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How to Monitor Accommodations

  1. Collect data regarding the use of the accommodation
    • Is the student routinely, effectively, and, if appropriate, independently using the accommodation?
  2. Collect information regarding achievement
    • How successful is the student’s academic or behavioral performance when using the accommodation?
  3. Collect student feedback on the accommodation usage
    • How does the student feel about using the accommodation?
    • Does the student think the accommodation is helpful? Why or why not?
  4. Analyze the data
    • What do the student’s achievement results and feelings reveal about the use of this accommodation?
  5. Assess
    • Was the accommodation implemented with fidelity?
    • Should the student continue using the accommodation?
    • Should the accommodation be adjusted in any way?

Accommodation Monitoring Forms

We have taken our original printable .pdf Accommodation Monitoring Form and given it an update. There are now four different Google Drive versions.

Directions on How to Access Files:

  1. Select the resource to open in Google Drive
  2. To edit this file, you'll need to make a copy of it to your Google Drive (File-> Make a Copy). You must be logged into your Google account to make a copy.
  3. You'll be prompted to rename the file and then the new editable version will automatically open up in a new tab.

Monitoring Accommodations Webinar