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Accommodation Data Collection Forms

Three Categories of Data Collection

After reviewing a multitude of resources, we find that the function of accommodation data collection falls into three main categories. The first two are student-specific data, while the third is group-related data.

  • Choose - Data tools/forms to help select or match an accommodation to the student's need/s
    • Making Accommodation Recommendations
  • Use - Once selected, data tools/forms that monitor implementation, usage, progress, and continued effectiveness
    • Accommodation Monitoring Forms (4)
  • Reviews - Data tools/forms that review, consolidate, and coordinate accommodation efforts
    • Classroom Accommodations-at-a-Glance

Data collection, while certainly an important and required aspect of teaching, remains challenging or at the very least time-consuming. To that end, and with these intentions:

  • Digital Forms and Sheets helps automate sharing, collecting, and analyzing student data
  • STAAR eligibility criterion language (routinely, independently, and effectively) is embedded
  • Digital formats offer the ability to customize to your needs

Accommodation Monitoring Forms

We hope these new forms will be helpful to you. Stay tuned for additional resources, completed examples, and next month's webinar, Digging Deeper into Data Forms.

Directions on How to Access Files:

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  3. You'll be prompted to rename the file and then the new editable version will automatically open up in a new tab.