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2018 STAAR Accessibility Updates

TEA has shared updated information on 2018 statewide assessment accommodation policies.

Accessibility Features:

  • A sticky notes tool was added to the online system.
  • The use of amplification and projection devices was changed from designated supports to accessibility features.

Designated Supports:

  • Content and language supports were combined into one embedded support.
  • A spell check feature was added as an online embedded support for eligible students.
  • Photocopy is no longer an individual support, but has been included within the Large Print and Other policy documents.
  • Authority for decision for math manipulatives and supplemental aids has been expanded to include additional campus level teams (e.g., RTI team, student assistance team).


    • Dictionaries for reading and writing in grades 3-5 are no longer a designated support. They are now part of the STAAR Dictionary Policy.
    • The STAAR Calculator Policy now includes the use of calculators for grade 8 science.
    • For students who take the braille test and require an extra day, refer to the “General Instructions for Administering Braille State Assessments.” TEA approval is not required.
    • For grades 2–12 TELPAS writing, an Accommodation Request Form does not need to be submitted for a student that meets the eligibility criteria for Complex Transcribing.


      • The “GA” accommodation bubble on answer documents was changed to “DS.”
      • The STAAR practice now includes 2017 released tests.
      • The STAAR Accessibility Team at TEA’s Student Assessment Division has a new email,

        For More Information:

        Visit the TEA Accommodation Resources webpage for updated policy documents and training materials.